Worth More Than a Wallet

Worth More Than a Wallet
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Worth More Than a Wallet
Welcome to cobb_fischer, a community that ships the pairing of Dom Cobb and Robert Fischer from the film Inception.

What is allowed?

Here we accept fiction, art, graphics, mixes, videos, etc, (basically, we won't reject anything), as long as it revolves around a romantic, flirtatious or sexual (slash) relationship between Cobb and Fischer Jr. Threesome and moresome content will be accepted, as long as Cobb/Fischer is involved in the pairing. Your Cobb/Arthur/Fischer content will be accepted, your Cobb/Mal, Fischer content will not.

This comm is also RPS friendly, meaning that Leo/Cillian content will be accepted (and is, in fact, encouraged). Threesome/moresome rule applies here as well. However, slashing their other characters is where we draw the line (your Jack Dawson/Jackson Rippner content will not be accepted, rather unfortunately).

How do I post?

While posting fiction, be sure to use a template including a title, rating, and summary at the very least. Fiction posts not including this information will be removed. Please use a variation of the following;

Icon posts should have a teaser of no more than four icons, and your link should be clear and easy to find. Other graphics should be posted in preveiw/teaser size, or under a cut.

Please put spoilers, images wider than 450px, and block text longer than 150 words under a cut.

What will get me banned?

Yep, unfortunately, banning will happen if you continually insult or bash other users in any way, shape or form. This includes harassing them about the content of their posts. If someone posts something that squicks or annoys you, just walk on by, no big deal. However, if said post is annoying or squicking you because it in itself is offensive (rascist, sexist or otherwise insulting), feel free to notify the mod, and it will be taken care of. We need positive attitudes around here, please! No fighting!

To inquire about posting, affiliating, advertising, or just general tomfoolery, contact casiedearestfic, and you will be replied to within 24 hours, under normal circumstances.

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