kojonoyuri (kojonoyuri) wrote in cobb_fischer,

Fic: Don't Think About Elephants - Chapter 2

Title: Don’t Think About Elephants
Characters/Pairings: Cobb/Fischer, Ariadne/Arthur, cast
Rating: R
Warnings: slash, het
Disclaimer: Does not belong to me. Inception belongs to Chris Nolan and the good people at Warner Bros.
Previous Chapters: Chapter 1
A/N: Ten Percent Books is a reference to the movie “Better Than Chocolate,” Wanda is a reference to a Neil Gaiman character in The Sandman comics, and Le Café is paying homage to a Wayne/Crane fanfic called Coffee by my awesome friend jackvelvet . Love you!
Summary: You don’t have to perform inception to plant an idea into someone’s head.

Chapter 2: Fischer smiled at him like he knew a secret immediately putting Cobb on edge.
Tags: character: cobb, character: robert, type: fic
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